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    The New Jersey Institute of Technology BAJA SAE Team takes on the challenge of designing, and constructing a competition ready vehicle each year. 

    Members of the team are provided with the opportunity to develop their respective engineering discipline knowledge through research, development and testing while applying practice and real-time elemental challenges as they progress through the competition timeline.

    Who WE ARE

    NJIT BAJA SAE is a collegiate competition team that simulates real-world engineering design projects and their related challenges. Over 100 college teams are tasked to design, build and compete with their vehicle, which must survive the severe - and ever-changing - conditions of rough off-road terrain and racing.

    Over the course of three national competitions, spanning four days each, teams compete against one another to have their design accepted for manufacture by a fictitious firm. Their vehicle must be designed, built, tested and raced. Teams are also tasked with generating financial support and compete in a cost and sales event. This emulates the competitiveness of introducing a new product to the consumer and industrial market. Our members study a wide variety of subjects from mechanical engineering to computer science. The entire team works hard during their free time to design, manufacture and build the car. The team is broken up into six sub-sections: drivetrain, suspension, brakes, electronics, ergonomics and steering.


    The team’s goal for this coming season is to refine the vehicle design for the competition cycle, allowing the team to compete with a vehicle best suited to take on the elements and rugged terrain associated with the competition. It should also be noted that 70% of our 2023 competition vehicle will be made by team members on campus in the Makerspace!

    Your donation will go toward the development and manufacturing of our four-wheel drive system, along with much needed equipment upgrades. During the spring semester, we will be working on the manufacturing stages of our project. This will include casting cases for our differentials, our solid axles and our transfer case. There are also much needed upgrades to be made and these include: welding equipment, power tools, a plasma cutter and storage equipment for our shop.

    Transitioning into this year has taken a great deal of work, somas the transition to four-wheel is extremely labor intensive. Previously we had only built rear-wheel drive vehicles, which essentially means that every subsystem in our car is going to have to change.

    Following are essential items required to build the highest-performing vehicle possible. We hope you will consider supporting the team:

    • $18,000 - Drivetrain system
    • $3,500 - Chassis system
    • $3,000 - Suspension system
    • $2,000 - Braking system
    • $1,000 - Electrical system
    • $   700 - Ergonomics and safety system

      The average cost to compete in the national competitions is $8,350, which includes event registration fees, travel, housing, and meals. There are additional equipment transportation expenses, as well as gas and tolls, which are projected to be an additional $1,500. These figures only allow us to have 10 members of our 50 person team participate.

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      In order to make this project a success we need your help in getting as many people to talk about our project as possible, as this is the best way for us to secure support

      We need your support to achieve our goal and look to continue to make strides so that we can continue to research, innovate and design products that will be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

      Thank you and GO HIGHLANDERS!

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