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The Ying Wu College of Computing at NJIT is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in computing. In partnership with Northeastern's Center for Inclusive Computing, NJIT is pursuing concrete, evidence-based actions to increase access to our computer science programs for women and minority students, and to help support them in being successful in computing

Activities supporting our core mission of increasing diversity in our computer science programs has led us to participating in the Grace Hopper Conference which will take place in September 2023.

Our goal is to have 18 female students and a faculty advisor attend this prestigious conference and represent NJIT. Participation comes at a cost, and we have calculated that fees, travel and accommodations with local transportation - to and from the airport - will amount to approximately $1,650/per person. It’s no secret that earning a degree from NJIT can be challenging, even under the best of circumstances. But in the field of technology, women are still the most underrepresented group, and we are working to change that, one student at a time. 

You can help us get to the conference! Your support of this project today will assist in getting our  students in front of industry leaders in technology in order to network, secure internships, Co-ops and full-time employment.

Your gift of any size today will make the difference for these talented, hard-working students. Thank you!


Spread the word about #NJITInclusiveComputing with your networks today so we can make a difference - as women - in the world of technology. 

Here are some sample messages you can use:

-I have offered my support today to provide the opportunity for NJIT students to attend the annual Grace Hopper Conference! Join me by offering your support today and spread the word about providing opportunities for women in computing.

-Did you know that women hold 24% of Tech C-Suite positions and represent 8.7% of Tech CEOs in the Fortune 500? The position held with the highest percentage of women is Chief Information Officer (CIO), where women occupy 27% of the roles. Join me to make a change and break the bias on the disparity of women in computing.

-Join me in supporting #NJITInclusiveComputing! Together we can make a difference for women Highlanders in STEM. 

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