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The New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Solar Car Team is always seeking to innovate its use of solar energy to engineer a drivable electrical vehicle. The team’s focus is to develop such a vehicle to compete annually within the Formula Sun Grand Prix where our team and school’s hard work and dedication to innovating in driving technology will be featured. In this competition we will compete against some of the best schools and vehicles in the country in various testing and track-based scenarios. Our goal, for this year is to refine our current vehicle, which will be ready to compete in the Formula Sun Grand Prix, the greatest test of endurance and perseverance each team faces. 

Presently, we are set to partake in the New York International Auto Show scheduled for  August 2021, an event we participate in annually. This is an amazing opportunity allowing the team to showcase the hard work and efforts to build our vehicle and display it at this prestigious event! This occasion also benefits NJIT and assists in gaining exposure for the university, its programs, and students. The ability to participate in such events instills confidence in the team both in our academic and practical pursuits - for those completing the technical side of the project and for those responsible for the business and operational duties.

Who we are

The NJIT Solar Car Team is a student-run organization, formed in the spring of 2017. The team is an interdisciplinary and project-based learning community, which seeks to provide undergraduate and graduate students, of all majors, and within all departments, real-world experience in systems engineering. 

our story

In order to prepare our students to be the innovators of tomorrow, our team emphasizes sustainable energy, taking initiative, providing experience for future career preparation and the development of technical and soft skills in engineering, research, design, and business.

Your Gift at Work

  • $2,000 Competition registration fee and rentals
  • $3,000 Accommodation and travel expenses (lodging, travel and meals)
  • $3,500 Transportation costs (vehicles, trailer, gas & tolls) 
  • $4,000 Building materials (electrical, mechanical, solar)

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Check our website for updates on our progress during during the fundraising campaign - taking place from April 15, 2021 through June 15, 2021 - or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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We need your support to achieve our goal and look to continue to make strides so that we can continue to research, innovate and design products that will be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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